Facebook: Profiles vs. Pages


We recently met a nice model who decided it was time to create a presence for herself on Facebook. We happened to catch her Tweet asking for fans to come join her new Facebook page, so naturally being fans of hers we followed the link. Only problem was we noticed she created a Facebook “profile” not a Facebook “page”. What’s the difference you ask? We would be glad to explain! Now for those that know the difference you might find this post boring, but for those of you that don’t know, just know there is a distinct difference between a Facebook “page” and a Facebook “profile”, remember these terms as we’ll be using them going forward.

For starters a “BRAND PAGE” is used for any and every type of brand that has a presence on Facebook. No matter if you are a model, musician, restaurant, clothing line, or agency. You 100% use a brand page. “PROFILE PAGES” are what you and I use everyday to interact with our friends, it’s a regular personal profile. For example your Facebook is a profile page, Starbucks Facebook is a brand page. The basic rule is you can LIKE a brand page, but you have to be “friends” with a profile. Let’s get down to the differences in features.

Let’s say your brand has a Facebook profile, most people don’t know this but Facebook limits you to only 5,000 friends. So not only are you limited to only allowing 5,000 of your fans to join you on Facebook, but they have to go through the process of sending you a friend request. Now, with a brand page all they have to do is “LIKE” your page and those are unlimited, just ask Justin Bieber who has over 63 Million LIKES! There are a few other great features that come along with having a brand page such as “Insights” which let you see a complete analytic breakdown of your traffic. You can also add custom tabs and applications to your page as well. And if you have a team that helps you run your social media you can assign admins with different levels of access to help you run your page.

Hopefully this little tidbit helps those of you that weren’t sure of the differences. And for those of you that may have a brand profile and not a brand page are probably asking “now that I know I should have had a brand page, what do I do now”. If you create a new brand page Facebook can actually transfer the “friends” from your profile to LIKES on your new brand page. To do that you’ll need to reach out to their support team HERE.

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