The Broken Cycle: Don’t Waste Time + Money Re-Investing!


Am I trying to disrupt the adult entertainment industry? You bet I am! Why? Because like the music industry, the adult entertainment world is stuck in the same broken cycle.

This “cycle” should sound very familiar to you, a studio or performer releases an epic movie or scene and they/she rely on spending countless hours promoting it on social media, the studio may even spend money on ad space. It’s a month or two later and the studio/performer are about to release another great scene or movie and it’s time to alert everyone again. What’s the drill? REPEAT. Spend countless hours posting on social media, and the studio spending money again on ad space. But why should either of them have to spend time or money when all they are doing is re-targeting the same exact fan base they reached out to the first time right?

The short answer? It’s just the “norm” and it’s what everyone has done since social media exploded years ago. Do you see the cycle most of us are stuck in? Let’s step out of the box for a minute and look at huge companies like Apple, Delta, Amazon, Verizon, AT&T, etc. when Delta has huge deals on flights do you think they just tweet about it on Twitter or post a graphic on Instagram? They do post it yes, but is it their main #1 go-to tactic for alerting customers? No, they reach out to you directly and let each and every one of their customers know about the great deal. Why can they do that and you can’t?

The even shorter answer…data. The long answer is because those of us that are stuck in this outdated cycle rely mostly on social media to engage and create awareness among our fans. The problem with that, which I elaborated in my post about Investing In Fan Engagement, is that you don’t even “own” your consumer data when you rely on social media. As I covered in that post “the top 25 most engaging brands on Twitter had a post engagement rate of just .07%. That’s not even 1.0% of your followers”. Posting to social media should be a luxury not a necessity.

The solution, you know where I’m going with this! Direct engagement! I can’t stress enough how important direct engagement not only is now, but will be in the years to come. As the noise on social media just keeps getting louder and louder, every brand and performer across all fields of entertainment will need to create a direct line of communication with their actual paying customers. And that’s what we do at Blond Panda. We help you have 100% control and insight into your fan data. We give you the tools you need to have ALL of your fans in one dynamic address book. Imagine with your next project being able to at the push of a button alert every single customer you have instantly! Let us help you leverage social media, not rely on it.

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