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Invest In Fan Engagement

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Ever since the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have launched, social media has become the place for performers to build and engage their fan base. This has become the most efficient way to get exposure: performers technically “rent” their spot on a social network, just like a small clothing store would rent a space in the mall to take advantage of the exposure and heavy foot traffic. As “brand pages” grew on social sites such as Facebook, they tracked volume metrics such as how many “likes” or how many “followers”, as well as the ability to have their…

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Facebook: Profiles vs. Pages

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We recently met a nice model who decided it was time to create a presence for herself on Facebook. We happened to catch her Tweet asking for fans to come join her new Facebook page, so naturally being fans of hers we followed the link. Only problem was we noticed she created a Facebook “profile” not a Facebook “page”. What’s the difference you ask? We would be glad to explain! Now for those that know the difference you might find this post boring, but for those of you that don’t know, just know there is a distinct difference between a…

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