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The Broken Cycle: Don’t Waste Time + Money Re-Investing!

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Am I trying to disrupt the adult entertainment industry? You bet I am! Why? Because like the music industry, the adult entertainment world is stuck in the same broken cycle. This “cycle” should sound very familiar to you, a studio or performer releases an epic movie or scene and they/she rely on spending countless hours promoting it on social media, the studio may even spend money on ad space. It’s a month or two later and the studio/performer are about to release another great scene or movie and it’s time to alert everyone again. What’s the drill? REPEAT. Spend countless…

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PayPal Launches PayPal.Me

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Today PayPal is launching a new peer-to-peer payment platform called PayPal.Me. Now PayPal customers will be able to setup their own profiles which include a customized URL (i.e., which can be then shared via text, email, on instant messenger, social media or anywhere else as a way to request money. This is not the first peer-to-peer payment space of course. Aside from Venmo, a mobile app owned by PayPal, PayPal.Me is very similar, if not identical to Squarespace’s Square Cash. Both platforms allow you to send funds using a customized hashtag, or cashtag in this case. Either way both services allow you to do things like pay back…

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