Performers using traditional social networks have no alternative methods of engaging and marketing to their fans. Similarly, they have no idea which of their fans and customers are the most engaged and passionate. Alot of the platforms we all use to sell our videos, merchandise, clips and SnapChat subscriptions don’t share customer details in transactions. Performers are reliant on the social networks’ relevance and access in order to maintain connections with their fans. When sites like MySpace lose momentum, they also strip performers of whatever momentum they may have built on the site.

Creating a direct engagement solution would mean that performers have complete control over how their fans are reached. They would be able to notify engaged fans about new products for sale, or announce a new movie being released and contribute to


Welcome to Blond Panda. The current iteration is a multifunctional iPhone app (brought in partnership with SuperPhone®); it facilitates eCommerce transactions, manages data through an enterprise CRM, and has a comprehensive messaging ability. It leverages secure, reliable, technology for performers to maintain individual connections with their most loyal fans.

Leveraging the Blond Panda platform, performers allow fans to text them directly in order to facilitate more engaging relationships. It also allows performers the opportunity to engage in conversations with many of them at the same time, and notify them of their various creative ventures. Instead of relying on third-party platforms and opaque social networks, artists are able to connect with their fans directly.

Blond Panda provides the infrastructure for independent or contract performers and their teams to be able to maintain more control over their revenue streams and connect with fans directly, allowing them more creative freedom to express themselves and evolve their art.



"I really needed help with opening up my own online store, Blond Panda came to the rescue! Not only are they the perfect online store solution, but their app is a total game changer! I'm able to engage my fans in a way I never thought was possible. So glad I don't have to worry about relying on Twitter to reach out to fans anymore!"

− Lisa Ann