Your entire fan base in the palm of your hand!


Direct engagement is the future!


Have a SnapChat storefront in less than 1 hour!


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Thanks to SuperPhone you’ll have a well-organized address book of every fan who’s supported your movies, clips, merchandise, and projects. Run your entire career from your mobile device!



Own the relationship you’ve built with your fanbase and reach them directly without relying on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media.



Have direct personal conversations with thousands of fans simultaneously or simply engage them one at a time. You’ll have the power to reach EVERY fan!



Don’t waste time selling your videos, photos, subscriptions on 3rd party services. Own 100% of your revenue streams, so no more revenue splits, it’s all profit!

Your Own Storefront

The first component to our fan engagement solution is setting you up with your very own storefront. No need to sell your clips, custom videos, phone number, SnapChats and private cam shows on various sites. Here you can sell physical and digital merchandise to directly to your fan base. And the best part is it ties directly to an amazing mobile app brought to us by SuperPhone, all customer data from your store is sent right to the app. Once your online store is launched you can sell:

Your Phone Number
Personal Merchandise
Private Webcam Shows
Fan Club Membership
Custom Videos
SnapChat Subscriptions
Auction Items

Real-Time Updates

Push notifications allow you to stay on top of your business on the go. You’ll know who’s interacting with you the minute they reach out to support you. Whether someone is buying, asking a question or just saying hi, simply swipe to open the app and send them a personalized SMS. When a purchase is made on your storefront, the app will tell you:

Fan/Customer Name
Product Description
Amount Spent

Managed Communication

Tired of relying on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage your fans? You won’t have to anymore. We are able to assign a real phone number to your brand to create a direct line for your fans to reach you. Imagine being able to filter your entire fan base by who’s supported you financially and who hasn’t.

Engage fans via SMS, MMS, or Phone
Filter fans by amount spent
Sell specific products to fans inside a text message
Works on iPhone 6s, 6, 5, 5s iPod Touch

Say Thank You

Program your app to always say thanks when someone supports you. You can choose to automate this by creating messages triggered by purchases or compose “canned responses” to quickly respond to a high volume of similar inquiries. The settings menu is available from any screen:

Manage responses
Set favorites
Create groups

Proudly Working With the Following Performers

Blond Panda provides a powerful platform combining data, analytics and an unparalleled level of fan insight.

Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas

Adult Performer

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

Adult Performer

Cherokee D'Ass

Cherokee D'Ass

Adult Performer

AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate

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